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Lo- Balls are stimulating, reward-based toys that will keep your dog in the game. The three parts of the ball are lined with Velcro so that the dog can rip the ball open and get to the treats inside without actually destroying the toy. In the middle of the ball is an area that can be filled with your dog's favorite treats. The dogs can rip the Lo- Ball apart again and again, satisfying their natural hunting instinct.

Lo-Balls are an excellent toy for food-motivated dogs so that you can throw their reward during your agility training, and trainers around the country have come up with some very innovative ideas for using them to teach contacts, distance skills, and much more!

Due to a licensing issue in the United States that has been brought to our attention, we are no longer able to refer to our treat dispensing toy as a Lotus ball.

Our toy is similar in design and performance and will wear just as well. We are able to offer it at a lower price as it is not imported from America.

•Less Velcro on the Small balls to make them easier for dogs to open

•Upraded Velcro quality on all balls to improve longevity

•Heavier-duty binding on the edges of the Lotus "petals" to decrease the chances of a seam splitting


Lo-Balls come in two sizes.

Small: 3.5" diameter

Medium: 4" diameter

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Lo-Ball Treat Pod from Positive Dogs

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