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The evolution of ClickerExpo in Europe has arrived. Luminos!

Our all-new conference format delivers an in-depth exploration of the relationship between behavioural science and the practices of positive animal training by the leading voices in the field.

At Luminos you will delve into the ideas that are critical to successful training and subject to misunderstanding and debate, even by experienced trainers and scientists. Learn where training practices are both under-explored and undergirded by behavioural science. Experience how informed discussion and debate are handled by professionals who respect each other. See how science and practice can work together to clarify our understanding of a topic. Work effectively with nuance.

Unique Features

  • Deep exploration: By focusing on six themes critical to advanced achievement, we can delve deeply.
  • Compare and contrast: Each theme will be addressed through the lenses of both behavioural science and training experience. Presentations will be followed by discussion among the faculty, and, when appropriate, by a demonstration.
  • The Power of Five: Five world-class trainers and applied behavioural scientists talk with you and with one another.
  • Exclusive presentations: Topics and material developed exclusively for ClickerExpo Luminos
  • Focused agenda: One topic at a time, offered in-depth with multiple perspectives
  • Advanced nourishment: Feed your inner training and behaviour “nerd.” Topics are robust and are designed for folks with experience and passion.
  • Interactive: Engineered to facilitate discussion between faculty members and attendees at each Session
  • Fun: Evening social events and meals bring it all together

Find out more at www.clickertraining.com/clickerexpo/luminos