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Ken Ramirez - Don't miss out in 2017!

2014: ClickerExpo - Practical sessions with Ken = FULL
2015: 2 Day Seminars at two venues with Ken = FULL
2015: ClickerExpo - Practical sessions with Ken = FULL
2016: 2 Day Seminars at two venues with Ken = FULL

7th - 8th June 2017 - Village Hotel, Leeds South
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13th - 14th June 2017 - Norton Park, Winchester, Hampshire
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Topics planned include:

Concept Training
Stretching Your Dog’s Capabilities” There are many conceptual ideas that require a much more focused approach to training. This seminar will review the foundation needed for training broad concepts like modifier cues, mimicry, adduction, matching to sample, counting and other conceptual tasks.

Non-Food Reinforcers
Non-food reinforcers can become as powerful as, or more than, food alone, but only when integrated systematically. In this session Ken will preent the process he uses to introduce, increase and maintain the value of any reinforcer.
Scent Detection
There are many different approaches to handling scent discrimination training including search & rescue techniques, law enforcement uses with narcotics and explosives, and the growing sport of nose work. Ken has worked or consulted with many of these scent detection programs and focuses on the science and the practical application of the actual task and challenges of scent detection training.

Teaching an Animal to say "No"
Ken mentioned this concept briefly during the 2016 seminars. We wanted to know more and we know from the number of questions asked that our delegates did too so we're delighted that Ken has agreed to present his research in this area for the first time in Europe

Handling Animal Mistakes Positively
ven the best and most focused animals will make mistakes and positive reinforcement trainers are faced with the dilemma of trying to find the best way to respond to those mistakes. This seminar looks at the many options available to trainers and suggests the most positve approach to dealing with unwanted behavior. The draw back to the more traditional aversive approaches will be discussed and the seminar will focus on how best to ignore unwanted behavior and how to use redirection.

Seminar Pricing

  • Limited place Early Bird discounts available at - £120 for the two day seminar.
  • Discounted places for HE Canine/Animal Behaviour students and Karen Pryor Academy CTP Graduates and students at - £135
  • Full price places for two days - £160
  • Single day - £100

All places include refreshments and snacks throughout the day and buffet lunch

Terms and Conditions of Booking

  • Please note that these are "people training" events as opposed to "dog training". As dogs, other than registered service dogs, are not allowed within the seminar rooms we'd suggest that they wil probably be happier in the comfort of home
  • Cancellations will be accepted and refunds issued up until 1st December 2016 subject to a £25 admin fee.
  • Should the event become full, places are then transferable if you are not able to attend.
  • We strongly suggest that you book transferable/refundable travel and accommodation wherever possible to reduce any losses in the unlikely unevent of a seminar being cancelled or rescheduled
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Problem Solving DVD by Ken Ramirez from Positive Animal Solutions Reinforcement Strategies  - How To Use Non-Food Reinforcers Effectively DVD by Ken Ramirez Animal Training: Successful Animal Management by Ken Ramirez
Problem Solving DVD by Ken Ramirez Reinforcement Strategies  - How To Use Non-Food Reinforcers Effectively DVD by Ken Ramirez

Animal Training: Successful Animal Management Through Positive Reinforcement by Ken Ramirez

Ken Ramirez in Leeds - Book here. Ken Ramirez in Winchester - Book here.